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Canoe Adventures

Nelson Boat and Canoe Hire are the canoe adventure tour specialists!

Some of Australia’s finest flat-water canoeing can be experienced along this 75 km stretch of the Glenelg River – from upriver snags, through rolling bush land and ancient gorges to the sweeping estuary.

Ideal for families, groups and couples, canoeing along this river is the ultimate way to experience the Lower Glenelg National Park. Plus, your hosts can happily deliver and pick you up from any accessible location on the river.

Hire and Pricing

Nelson Boat Hire have around 50 canoes and kayaks available for hourly, half-daily, daily or multi-day hire. Check out the canoe adventures page for more information about multi-day camping trips!

Our two-person canoes and one-or-two-person kayaks are ideal go anywhere watercraft, getting you around with a minimum of fuss, quietly taking you in close to the abundant bird, fish and animal life in and around the river.

Paddle alongside 50 metre limestone cliffs, catch a fish, or paddle down to the estuary – there are so many excellent opportunities to take in all the Glenelg River has to offer.

Glenelg River

The Glenelg River flows through the 21,300 hectares of the Lower Glenelg National Park which was created in 1968 to preserve the lower reaches, and the most spectacular part of the Glenelg River – the limestone gorges.

The park is renowned for its diversity of flora and fauna. Fisherman may catch mullet, salmon, bream, perch and mulloway, while bushwalkers and campers can enjoy the part of the Great Southwest Walk which runs alongside the lower 40 km of the river. But, the best way to see this region is from the river.